When my boss calls me into her office, I think I'm about to be fired. It's much worse. Piper quit and I'm next in line for her job. I should be happy, right?

Wrong. I have to make the ask tonight at The Met's gala. And the donor is one of New York's finest. AND if I blow this proposal, I can kiss my career at The Met goodbye. No pressure.

Except that Mr. Infuriating has a proposal of his own. And he won't take no for an answer. I can hardly stand to be in the same room with him as it is, so how am I going to convince all of New York City that we're madly in love?! But when his hands go around my waist...and his chiseled jaw grazes against my cheek...and he takes my lips with his...

I know I'm in big trouble because I'm about to break rule number one: Don't fall in love.


When I'm not busy running my family's billion-dollar company, I'm living up to my title as New York City's most valuable playboy. Work hard, play harder. Apparently, I've been playing a little too hard because my father drops a bomb on me: I have to wife-up to fix my image for his mayoral campaign or be fired as CEO.

After an infuriating encounter with a sexy, dark-haired vixen at the Met's gala, I think I've met my match. I give her an offer she can't refuse. Until she does. Again and again. But I'm nothing if not persuasive.

It's only five months of monogamy hell with Ms. Vixen, and then I can go back to being New York City's most eligible bachelor. Simple enough. At least...I thought it would be that simple. I never expected to forget that we weren't real. I never expected to crave her touch, her laugh, her kiss.

I have to stop these feelings. I have to hold back. Because if I don't, then I risk losing my head and my heart.