Hi, I'm Elle


Summer Catch

I’ve gone on a dozen blind dates in three months—all set up by my meddling Upper East Side mother. Enough's enough.


Fiancée Forgery

They say life imitates art, but can you imitate love? For twenty million dollars, I’m going to try.

Lights. Camera. Fiancée.

The role? Be Tate Gunner's girlfriend. The catch? He's the most egotistical A-lister in Hollywood.



Elle lives in Florida with her husband and beagle/corgi mix, who agree with her about the beach and palm trees, but not about the hot weather. Elle invites you into a world of steamy kisses and fiery heroines. If you like sassy leading ladies with a life of their own, and the handsome hunks strong enough to chase after them, then you've come to the right place! She also loves long walks on the beach (seriously), street tacos, and running (not as seriously). Oh--and cookie dough ice cream, thus the running.

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