Dear Madelyn Winter,

Since you refuse to answer your phone every fifteen minutes due to some silly thing called “a summer internship,” I’m forced to picking up an actual pen.

Koa “I’m always right” Rendell is driving me CRAZY—and not in the Freddie Prince Jr. way. Brooding, bearded, and annoying as hell, I can’t decide if I want to jump his bones or down his throat!

And to think that I thought running away to Maine would be easier than facing off with my match-making mother. Instead of all those lobster rolls I thought I’d be eating, I’m stuck on a lobster boat with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

But the worst thing? Sometimes that stoic façade of his slips, and I like what I find. A lot. Sometimes I forget that he’s the most annoying person on earth when his hairy arm brushes mine, or when he takes off his shirt under the hot sun, or when the wind tousles his unruly hair—


Most sincerely yours,
Summer Rae

First book in Four Seasons of Romance series