It’s been a tough year. There are only so many rejection slips a girl can take. But then I land the role of a lifetime: be Tate Gunner’s girlfriend.

Yes, I’m aware his gaze supposedly melts the clothes right off women, and sure, he’s Hollywood’s most notorious playboy with an ego to match. But I’ll handle him. I don’t swoon in the presence of every handsome, chiseled-from-marble, A-lister.

So what if my heart hammers when Tate locks eyes with me? Or that my body catches fire when his strong arms pull me close? Or even that my mind goes to very naughty places when his hot lips meet mine? This is a job and nothing else. It’s not like I’m going to fall in love with my fake fling. No way. Not this girl.

Well, maybe this girl...

Tate shirtless and soaking wet? This is going to be one sizzling trip to the beach.

This is a deleted scene that I just couldn't squeeze in. Enjoy a fun surf lesson in the L.A. sunshine with Charlotte and Tate!